• Title:
         The Color of Time
  • Artist:
  • Format:
         CD Digipack
  • Release date:
         06 February 2008
  • Mastered by:
         Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studio
  • Cat.Nr:
  • Distribution:



Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its third release. The debut album of the long awaited portugese producer Tryambaka is set to strike yours and all psychedelic brains alike.
Somewhere between light and music, vanishes time that does not resist. All that’s left its to paint it blue….A spell for another earned second.
It’s a breath, an instant :
The troubled path of who wants to dream forever
Time’s an out of control clock running toward madness.
When the skies fade to black and fall down us, we cast that blue spell on it to reach out another breath….even if its only one.
The colour of time is this instant : a second dream that does not run out.

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