• Title:
  • Artist:
        Various Artists
  • Format:
        Digipack CD
  • Release date:
        13 September 2022
  • Mastered by:
        Blisargon Demogorgon
  • Artwork by:
        Gaoshan Oolong
  • Cat.Nr:
  • Distribution:
        Bhooteshwara Records


Bhooteshwara records is proud to present it’s 13th physical release.
Compiled by Clairvoyant, this compilation represents her selection of nowadays night time psychedelic music.EOS features artists such as Aegolius, Aranya, Kaayaas, Sarruma, OpeNmiNd, Anarkick, Shiibashunsuke, Kacid, Isometric and Tetraktyz.
‘Alas, I see you sister Selene, shining out of silver in thy hair.
Where have you hidden the sword with which you have sent me to my bellows?
If it only wasn’t for the golden light of Helios to have redeemed me back from the land of darkness in which you have forsaken me… I the Queen of the Dawn would have not returned to my home, to cast a spell of mystery upon thee human soul, once more.’.

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