• Title:
         Future Memory
  • Artist:
         Various Artists
  • Format:
         CD Jewel Case
  • Release date:
         15 January 2009
  • Mastered by:
         Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studio
  • Cat.Nr:
  • Distribution:


Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its fourth release named Future Memory which is set to strike yours and all psychedelic brains alike.
In the valley of Nis the accursed waning moon shines thinly, tearing a path for its light with feeble horns through the lethal foliage of a great uperas-tree. And within the depths of the valley, where the light reaches not, move forms not meant to be beheld. Rank is the herbage on each slope, where evil vines and creeping plants crawl amidst the stones of ruined palaces, twining tightly about broken columns and strange monoliths, and heaving up marble pavements laid by forgotten hands. And in trees that grow gigantic in crumbling courtyards leap little apes, while in and out of deep treasure-vaults writhe poison serpents and scaly things without a name. Vast are the stones which sleep beneath coverlets of dank moss, and mighty were the walls from which they fell. For all time did their builders erect them, and in sooth they yet serve nobly, for beneath them the grey toad makes his habitation.

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