• Title:
        Forest Thunder
  • Artist:
        Various Artist
  • Format:
        Double CD Jewel Case
  • Release date:
        19 January 2015
  • Mastered by:
        Blisargon Demogorgon
  • Cat.Nr:
  • Distribution:


Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its eighth physical release which is compiled by Blisargon Demogorgon and Dharma Kaya and named Forest Thunder.
This is the project that took almost two years to complete with numerous challenges that were met and overcome along the way. This 20 track compilation is meant for both dancefloor as well as meditative purposes. It is divided into two parts: CD1 “FOREST” leans towards more organic night-forest sounds, while CD2 “THUNDER” leans towards more dynamic dark-night musical themes. Please note that this release is not meant to celebrate darkness or worship evil forces in any way. On the contrary, the compilation is meant to cleanse our souls of wrongdoings by facing our fears, re-living through them, and coming out of the experience stronger and more content with being who we are. Music can teach and heal us, and this is exactly why we have put out this release.

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