Dark Elf is an atmospheric, deep, tribal, forestial, psytrance project. This project is the solo project of Dimitri, inspired by old European and early Russian groups. His journey into Electronic Music began around ’97, when he had already moved to Athens from Paris. Dimitri had a musical background in classic music, playing trumpet when he was younger and the skills he gained in mixing as a DJ slowly created the need of making his own music. He promotes the project of Dark Elf at several well known parties and festivals in Greece and around the Globe on his journeys as a DJ, always looking to gain new musical and social experiences. Dark Elf’s first release comes in 2006 with Sauron’s Madness, at DiscoValley Records, a pioneer label of the genre, founded by Greek owner DJ Teo and based in Goa, India. Dark Elf released his solo album, World Liquid Domination, WLD, on 29th May 2010, at Discovalley Records. Having finished the Reaction Studios sound engineering course in Athens, he works as a session or live sound engineer, but also takes in charge mastering works for musicians or labels. Co-works and exchanges include Darkshire, Apnea, Detonator, Narcosis, The Dub Wizard, Wee, Furious, Dominator, Candy Power, Zik, Mind Distortion System, Orestis, Denis Drury N’Evil, Netrosystem, Crying Orc/Technical Hitch, Sator Arepo, Fractal Error, Wris (Sequence Theory Project), Innersound, Looney, Akbar, Vlastur, Direct Connection, Daoine Sidhe and more…
Electro-Dub is his other passion. In 2008 he meets up with Vlastur, a talented and experienced bassist, member of Direct Connection, well known Dub Laboratory in Athens. In that time Vlastur just finishes his solo album ‘Interaxion Dub’ and is thinking of creating his own Electro-Dub Live band, so the collaboration with Dimitri begins for live appearances. Vlastur Live is finally a success and their performances start to gain feedback, with their participations in many diverse events/parties/festivals.
Dark Elf is/was involved in: Septagram, Double Trouble, Double Core and Vlastur projects.