The name behind Zarro project is Duffay François born 1985 in France. Like many of the younger generations he also grew up with the electronic music movement. His older brother gave him the influence for electronic music which is techno dj from hardcore gabber to minimalistic techno. In 2003 on the age of 18 Zarro starts playing on some free parties around France. Then in 2006 he gets his first touch with psytrance music for which he had no idea it will become his passion. Slowly psytrance music takes his attention and he shows interest of making his own music and brings him to stop djing in 2011 and starts to create his own compositions. In 2014 he gets signer by Bhooteshwara records releasing his first track on VA – Forest Thunder released by Bhooteshwara records. His passion is mostly modular synthesis in which he can work with endless possibilities. Zarro music can be described as dark emotional music which keeps the melodic leads powered by distorted and dynamic rhythms followed by organic effects. In his music Zarro plays a lot with the stereo sound to give the illusion to the crowd so they can communicate with him trough the music. He likes to keep the music underground and shows to the crowd his musical universe which he would like to enjoy while dancing on the dancefloors around the world.