The WISHI project was founded in 2013, it included two producer Shilets Alexandr and Kireev Ruslan (WIDER). The first collaborative work was published in Green Wizards Records ?called Wishi – Lv426 Ep. EP name was taken from the famous movie “Alien” (1979). The astronauts of the commercial vessel Nostromo landed on the Planet LV426. The cover of the album exposes two astronauts who take their first steps on the Planet LV426. WISHI project took the idea of the first arrival of space crew on the planet, drawing the parallel of LV426 with the trance culture. They take their first step into the psychedelic trance scene with the new EP. There is new dimension opened for them where they are trying to leave mark in history of trance culture. Debut release on 05 December 2013. After which it was released a couple of tracks on compilations, such as VA – SHAMANTOO APPRENTICE (Badgers Records) and VA – Forest Thunder (Bhooteshwara Records). In 2014 the project consists of one participant Shilets Alexandr. In 2015 will be released a new EP under the name WISHI – Systematic errors (Basic Algorithm Records), there are 5 tracks. Also in the spring of 2015 will be released WISHI – Overconsumption (Bhooteshwara Records). This is an album of collaborations with such musicians as FUNGUS FUNK, CLAW, BLISARGON DEMOGORGON, PANTOMIMAN, SORROWMURK, WIDER, FOBI, Makumba (DARK SHIRE).