Malice in Wonderland was originally founded by Jaramogi, Matakana & Gargamel, three austrian guys who shared the same passion and taste in music. They started the project 2005 in Innsbruck/Austria. In the beginning of 2011 Gargamel decided to leave the musical collaboration and since then the project is being continued by Jaramogi & Matakana, situated in Europe and Central America.
Over the last couple of years Jaramogi, who is meanwhile responsible for most of the productions, is performing all over Europe and abroad in a regular basis. Matakana, who is living in Costa Rica since 2008, is performing Malice in Wonderland in this part of the world and he also started to work on a sideproject called “Silly Twit”.
Precise, complex, and richly textured, Malice in Wonderland’s Music is characterized by an outstanding quality and a solid production. The wide variations of sounds, rhythmic structures and textures which seem to move through otherworldly sounddimensions are giving the compositions a very unique and special character.
The Livesets are intended to be a sonic trip covering the many faces and various aspects of the tunes in a effectively combination to emphasize a contrast between intricate harmony and distorted screams of raw energy and emotion. Over the Years Malice in Wonderland has performed in more then 20 countries in Europe, Asia & South/Central America.
Malice in Wonderland still manages to stay at least a step to the side of the current darkpsy trends and is constantly developing into new frame-breaking territories, while keeping true to the underground movement.