Acoustamind – is Niraj Singh who is born and bred from Bombay, India. Niraj got acquainted with disc joking at a very tender age of 16. In his Djing journey, he was hit by the psychedelic music wave in 2005 which gave birth to his psychedelic project “Psyboy Original” under which he performed in several events and festivals throughout India.Completed his “Audio Engineering” from the prestigious SAE institute in the year 2012 to deepen his understanding of music production and is currently pursuing Acoustical instruments. He spends majority time of the day in his studio (Rabbit Hole Soundlab), producing music which consists of dark and harmonic atmospheres, deep and powerful bass lines, psychedelic melodies and synthesized rhythms. His music is a smooth blend of familiar Sounds from the nature and unheard Alienated sounds.“Acoustamind” as a project believes and focuses on working with collaboration with various artists of different genres to produce music with cross collaboration of creative ideologies. Niraj has shared the stage with many senior artists of the dark and forest psychedelic trance genre on numnerous occasions in Goa and other parts of India.Acoustamind’s objective is to spread unbounded fresh breathtaking and brain transforming electromagnetic waves with a humble smile through soundcarpets melted with phat kicks and ultraueberrolling groovy bassline and wishes to travel the world.

Recent releases