Laze Kapsarov is the name behind Shadow Noises. He was born in Macedonia in the city Gevgelija in 1983. For the first time he start to listen psy trance on he`s 15 age. After three years in 2001 he start to play music on private parties and then with few friends they are forming the organization Psyhofamily and starting to make their own parties around.
For the first time he was playing Full On traxx,but when he meets Valentino (Blisarogn Demogorgon) Vasko (Encephalopaticys) and listening what are they playing he decided to change he`s style on night psychedelic trance. In 2007 he joins Bhooteshwara records crew as a label Dj. After one year he start to study the Cubase platform and in 2010 he releses the first versus track with Blisargon Demogorgon for Bhooteshwara records.
He had shared the stage with playng with Encephalopaticys, Tryambaka, Phobos Azazzel, Blisargon Demogorgon, Atriohm, Pixie, Demoniac Insomniac, Therange Freak, Fobi, Cartoons and with other dj`s from Macedonia on regular parties.
His style is very powerful dark sound,with scary forest atmospheres.