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Hello people, my name is Ben and I was born on 7th October, 1985, in Israel where I also grew up and went to school until the age of 18. I started at a very early age to listen to psychedelic trance which I grew to know and love through my friends. I attended my first rave party at the age of 16 in the beautiful nature of Israel (in the forests, in the hills and the deserts) and I was hooked. At the age of 19 I started to mix “full on” and dived into “deep&strong psychedelic”. Nowadays I like to mix experimental psychedelic and night time music, from 148+-170 bpm. Psytherapy is not only my DJ name but also stands for the style of my art. It derives from psychedelic and therapy. As all of you know, every one has his own way of taking therapy and I am the one who is happy to supply music for therapy on the dance floor and to guide the people into biological trance – and I will go as deep as you will let me go.

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