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Loic, aka DJ Psykelo discovered the universe of goa-trance in 1993, with artists such as Mark Allen or Tsuyoshi susuki.
After 10 years spent in the Parisian scene, he finally decides to start dj-ing and enters Morphonic Records, managing the Dark-psytrance area of the label.
He enters Psy Spirit Family in 2007, famous in France and around the world for the unique Tribes connection party.
in 2010 he also releases his first compilation, “Psykorigid” , opening to him the gates of numerous parties in Europe such as Bhooteshwara party (Macedonia) , Shanti Tribe Festival (Turkey) L’europa (Portugal) , and numerous parties all across France ( Tribes connection 1&2 , BBF Worldwide , World-People Festival, Pierroland, Trancemission, Haumea, Psycardie …. )
He is influenced by many artists, most of which he has played with, including Dark elf, Zik, Fractal Error, Claw, Blisargon Demogorgon, Naked Tourist, Antagon, Demoniac, Insomniac, Parasence, Psymmetrix, Electrypnose, Atriohm, Parahalu, Ajja, Trold, Digital Talk …

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