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Haemaerae was born & raised under polar darkness of Lapland. Now hailing from capital of Finland, Helsinki. Part of psychedelic culture since 1999. Started to DJ around 2006, played couple of small gigs but it did not went anywhere yet. Time was not right for active DJ-ing but still kept playing as hobby, following sounds that he found interesting.
Around 2013 he was asked to play in a party, he went, enjoyed it greatly and decided to give DJ-ing another try. One thing lead to another, and soon he was collaborating with Tukos Media // DecoTukos, talented Finnish party organiser & deco group.
Some time later it was time for him to find a suitable label whom to represent, and now he is signed by Bhooteshwara Records. You can expect groovy dark psychedelic sets with his personal style, in the spirit of Bhooteshwara.

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