Depth of Ankh

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Artist:Various Artist
Format:CD Jewel Case
Release date:10 December 2009
Mastered by:Tryambaka

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Bhooteshwara Records is proud to present its fifth release. Compiled by Blisargon Demogorgon this musical profundity is set to strike yours and all psychedelic brains alike.
Occult in a sacred space lays a divine spark of some unknown magical been. Obscure of what it might be, it has no shadow and it rises at darkness,with no pulse nor feelings for life it wonders thruw the dark and lonely tunels with its goth looking spirit. Not knowing whats real or not it seeks for blood,skulls,skeletons and coffins as symbol of power. Lost in the myth of night exceeding human limitations it realizes death as change. Spiritual immortality or rebirth it asked,becoming more than human? This forbidden knowledge made it very confused as it walked into a deep and dense fog,it stop on a musky dead tree to gather thoughts. Drawing out power it unknew about and not wanting to be upon dark gods it starts by nature this ritual ceremony, accepting rebirth not as human nor death but as a force of life.
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  1. 1Mindflow – Cosmic Chess
  2. 2Farebi Jalebi – Wet Wired
  3. 3Malice in Wonderland vs Sequin – Stubai
  4. 4Phobos Azazel - Spread the Paranoia
  5. 5Sychotria vs Fungoloyds - Alien Fashion
  6. 6Blisargon Demogorgon - No Mercy
  7. 7Gappeq – Mammoth
  8. 8Sinister Visions - Like Gods
  9. 9Cartoons – Cirkus
  10. 10Strofaria – Screamers

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