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Bhooteshwara is an “entity” made out of few subsidiaries: Record Label, Deco, Audio Mastering, Graphic & Web design, and a full range of Live Acts and DJ Sets which can make your event sound and look great from start to finish.
It has grown since the beginning – Bhooteshwara started only as a records label back in 2006, formed by Valentino Trenchev (Blisargon Demogorgon), dedicated to signing, marketing and promoting quality night time music and twisted psychedelic acts.
Bhooteshwara’s signature sound is not bounded to one style – its made out of variety of different (darker) styles, keeping it powerfull for a good dancefloor experience.
Located in Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, Bhooteshwara’s aim is to promote not only established, but also new and upcoming acts, and show them to the world.
Besides releasing music, Bhooteshwara is also focused on organizing parties mostly in Macedonia, but also label parties around the world representing the sounds of Bhooteshwara Records.
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